Transcending Borders: Exploring African Identities in Global Perspectives


On December 5, 2023, the group exhibition Transcending Borders: Exploring African Identities in Global Perspectives at Gensler London will showcase works by Oliver Enwonwu, Donald Baugh, Elfreda Dali, Wallace Ejoh and Imoesi Imhonigie, some of the biggest names in contemporary African art, who though living and working outside the continent, remain true to their roots in their work.

Curated by Omenka Gallery and Inklar, this exhibition aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich artistic heritage of Africa, while also challenging traditional notions of identity and belonging in the global art scene. Today, many contemporary artists, like the early pioneers in the colonial period, have left Africa for Europe or the United States to pursue their careers and be part of an international discourse. This migration has not only allowed these artists to gain exposure to new artistic techniques and perspectives but also enabled them to engage with diverse audiences and collaborate with artists from different cultural backgrounds. As a result, their artistic expressions have become more nuanced and reflective of the complex interplay between their African roots and global influences.