Belle of Senegal

'Belle of Senegal' explores how the Mulatto French-African women of the Island of Gorée and the city of Saint Louis in French Senegal negotiated their identity in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Black and Proud

'Black and Proud' series celebrates West African heritage and culture and challenges the viewer to consider racial inequality by imbuing an air of power, regality and pride in the sitter.

Black Victoria

This focuses on Black cultural identity in the Victorian era. Here, the women appear confident, their gaze remarkedly self-contained. Closely related to my ‘Signares’ and the ‘Belle of Senegal’ series.

Body of Power

In ‘Body of Power’, the body at once becomes a contested site and a weapon of resistance to challenge the status quo. All through history, the body as a theme has always been explored.

Onitsha Masquerade Pantheon

In tribute to my father, my incursion into the metaphysical is based on contemporary interpretations of traditional African dance and the Onitsha-Igbo masquerade pantheon, Mmonwu. Two dominant strains characterise the masquerades; the graceful female Agbogho-mmuo and the more aggressive male Ogolo.


Portraiture plays a huge part in my oeuvre. I address the near absence of Black personages in accounts of Western art history by adapting 16th century Old Masters’ modes of representation and techniques of painting as well as classical poses depicted in stylish, colourful attires that imbue an air of power, regality and pride in the sitter.

Portraits of Resistance

Western media has consistently misrepresented or underrepresented African people and cultures. This series focuses on elevating Black culture and engages with works that portray multiple viewpoints from mostly the African woman, emerging from postcolonial struggles to redefine and counter cultural misrepresentations.


The celebration of the Signares lends weight to arguments that historically, women have also occupied a pride of place in African society. The series engages present-day women of Senegal, chronicling their increasing hybridity that absorbs and transforms global fashion trends yet retains the best aspects of their culture.

Spirit in Ascent

'Spirit in Ascent' is my take on 'Anyanwu' in tribute to my father. The female figure, which can be seen rising up into the clouds is the powerful Igbo earth goddess Ani. Here, womanhood is symbolic of liberty, strength and elegance, all qualities that Africa must aspire to.


The network of lines strewn across the almost corrugated faces of the Tuaregs in ‘The Wanderers’, are evidence of their far-flung travels that dissolve boundaries and conflate notions of time and space and a metaphor for their migratory experience along trodden paths.